US Agent:

Illustrator, comics artist and a stand-up comedian wannabe. I spent my entire childhood
drawing on everything
with everything, including my mother’s red lipstick
on the staircase walls, which was an obvious suggestion for my parents
that I should continue my education at an art school.
According to the teenage me I went to the best art school in Poland,
mainly because it was located on a beach. I became an illustrator because
I never wanted to stop drawing and people were somehow willing to pay me for it.
I’m always up for new challenges – that’s why I decided to abandon my comfy
Warsaw life and move to Greenpoint NY, where – I’m very confident –
I can easily adjust to living without a washing machine.

Absolut, Alfa Romeo, ELLE, Forbes, Glamour, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Harvard Business Review, HSBC, Men’s Health, McSweeney’s, METRO, MoMA Warsaw, National Opera, Nautilus, Newsweek, The New Yorker, New York Times, Princeton Press, Reebok, Samsung, Smithsonian’s Magazine, TIME, Village Voice, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Die Welt

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