This came as a surprise! Gala magazine invited me to draw the 9 most famous Polish women (well, according to Gala) for their 9th birthday issue. it was a brave move – that kind of magazines NEVER have illustrated covers, not to mention fully illustrated 20-page main features. I was just as flattered as challenged and well, scared. I had 2 weeks to do 10 full page illustrations and just as I was getting started, my computer got a deadly virus and I had to give it to the service. Being clumsy as I am, I dropped my external disc on the floor around the same time. I had to work on borrowed computers, trying to save as much of my data as possible before the disc would have died. As if it wasn’t enough, the electricity went down at my studio, just when I arrived with my freshly-reinstalled comp. Nearly in tears, wondering who cursed me and why I went to work home, only to discover ‘invalid system disc’ msg when I turned on the comp. Back to service, and by this time there was one day left to the deadline and I had about half of everything done. So yeah, this job was a bit of a pain. Lucky for me, GALA team was awesomely great and supportive. They gave me a totally free hand to do what I wanted. Still, I didn’t do everything exactly the way I wanted – trying to save the day I used some serious shortcuts. Talk about a killer job!