Sexercise – GQ

Drawing this was almost like going to a gym! Christiano Ronaldo and a bunch of young men exercising, for May issue of GQ.

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Portraits of designers – GQ Style

Alexander Wang Portraits of designers for the launch issue of American GQ Style. The magazine will be produced twice a year and stand as the essential guide to seasonal menswear style. Frank Muytjens Kean Etro Mark McNairy Rob Garcia Jim

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Eunice Lee – GQ

Eunice Lee of UNIS, for GQ.

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Twerk Team – GQ

What can I say. There’s no escaping twerking. New for GQ.

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Girls – GQ

I watch GIRLS religiously. I cry, I laugh, I cringe. I also live in India St. whenever I’m in NY, I have a soft spot for Adams and I work for GQ. Which basically makes me Hanna Horwath (from season

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